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Hospitality is important to make sure that individuals feel welcomed and loved when they arrive.  There are multiple ways for you to get involved to help others feel the same warmth and love that we do. Greeters are the first people see when they enter the church.  These individuals are the ones that are doing…

Join The Choir

Whether you have a famous voice or you sing in the shower, if you like to sing, join the choir.  They meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30 for practice.  Come, sing with us!!!

Sound Tech

We believe that being able to hear our worship service is important.  If you are passionate about working with audio and making sure we have good sound for people to be able to hear and enjoy our worship service we have a way for you to get involved.  We would invite you to join our…

Video Tech

If you enjoy working on a computer and using your creativity for worship, we have away for you to use that passion.  We are looking for individuals that would like to help out the video tech team with the worship slides and also the video camera.  We will train you on how to use the…

Waste-Not Quilters

We use donated supplies to make quilts that are used to bless others.  We have a desire for individuals to be able to feel the warmth of God’s love through the warmth of these quilts.  They are given to those who need them.  They have been given to the Billings free store, Crisis Intervention Services,…