Waste-Not Quilters

We use donated supplies to make quilts that are used to bless others.  We have a desire for individuals to be able to feel the warmth of God’s love through the warmth of these quilts.  They are given to those who need them.  They have been given to the Billings free store, Crisis Intervention Services, Heart Mountain New Beginnings Boys Ranch, Blackfeet United Methodist Parish, Center for Children and Families, Montana Rescue Mission for Women and Children, Sheridan Veteran’s Hospital, Moyer Animal Shelter (pillows for animals), along with local needs and other locations around the world.

If you would like to join us in making these quilts and sharing the warmth of God’s love, we meet every Monday at 8:30 AM in the church.  Down the hall from the office in the waste-not quilters room.

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